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Music Go Round is a company founded on the simple belief that music should be accessible, affordable, and fun for everyone. For over 15 years, we have provided high-quality used musical instruments to aspiring musicians, music lovers, hobbyists, students, teachers, and more.

Our Story

Music Go Round began in 2009 when longtime musicians and music teachers Ben Singer and Emma Jones recognized a need in their community. As working musicians themselves, they saw firsthand how the cost of instruments created barriers for people wanting to learn and play music. And as teachers, they witnessed talented students unable to afford the instruments they needed to progress.

Frustrated by the situation, Ben and Emma set out to create a solution. They opened the very first Music Go Round shop with the goals of making instruments more affordable by selling quality used gear, and fostering local music education and enjoyment. The community response was tremendous, affirming Ben and Emma’s belief that there was demand for reasonably priced musical equipment.

Spurred on by the success of that first shop, Ben and Emma began franchising the Music Go Round concept in 2010. They brought on passionate music lovers Steve Lamont and Susan Wu to help grow the company. Together, the foursome developed systems and processes to maintain exceptional customer service, quality products, and strong store performance across all locations.

Today, Music Go Round has expanded to over 100 stores across 35 states, and has helped put tens of thousands of instruments into the hands of eager musicians. Now a thriving small business, Music Go Round remains grounded in Ben and Emma’s original vision to make playing music achievable for all who desire it.

Our Values

Certain principles have guided Music Go Round from day one and continue to steer our growth and success.

Quality – We carry a carefully curated selection of high-quality used and vintage instruments priced for any budget. All gear is thoroughly inspected, authenticated, repaired, and setup by our experienced technicians before sale. We stand behind everything we sell with a 45-day warranty.

Affordability – Our unique business model focusing on used inventory allows us to offer tons of name brand gear at a fraction of typical retail costs. This makes learning, playing, and enjoying music accessible to more people.

Service – Our staff are musicians too. Their passion shines through with exceptional service – chatting gear, making recommendations, allowing extended try outs and walkabouts, and going the extra mile to get you playing your best.

Education – Learning about instruments and music is just as important as playing them. Our stores host free workshops, open mics, instrument try outs, music lessons, and more to help our community gain skills and knowledge. We also partner with local schools to support their music education programs with discounted instruments, donations, and mentorship opportunities.

Community – Music has the incredible power to bring people together. All our locations strive to be hubs of local music scenes by supporting artists, partnering with related businesses, sponsoring events, giving back to community music programs, and generally cheering on anyone pursuing their musical passion. Come hang out – musicians of all ages and skill levels are welcome!

Fun – First and foremost, playing music should be about joy. Our team loves what we do, and we aim for Music Go Round shopping experiences to inspire creativity, spark discovery, and spread happiness through the gift of music. Please visit us with a playful spirit!

The beliefs above are instilled throughout our franchise network. No matter which Music Go Round you shop at, you can expect to find these core values shining through.

Our Stores & Team

While every Music Go Round location has its own neighborhood vibe and engaged local fan base, certain elements unite them coast to coast.

Killer Inventory – Each of our stores carries an extensive inventory with something for everyone – from traditional popular instruments like electric guitars, drum sets, and keyboards to specialties like ukuleles, banjos, mandolins and more. You’ll find well known major brands alongside vintage finds and unique handmade instruments. New arrivals hit the sales floor every day. Many musicians make a habit of frequenting our shops – you never know what you might discover each visit. Need recommendations? Our seasoned staff know exactly where to direct you.

Try Before You Buy – You can’t choose the right instrument without playing it first, so we highly encourage you to test drive anything that catches your interest. Our spacious stores are setup with dedicated demo areas and amps so you can properly hear that electric guitar’s growl or an amp’s rattle. Feel free to riff away to your heart’s content. Pro tip: Don’t judge an acoustic solely on quiet store strumming. Ask to take it to a practice room for the full experience!

Friendly Experts – Our store team members live and breathe music. Many are hobbyist or pro players themselves with years of performance and instrument experience under their belts. So whether you’re a curious beginner or seasoned musician, they can speak your language and help you achieve your goals. Looking to step up your skills? Ask about lessons. Want to upgrade your setup? Let’s explore options. Not sure how to change strings or tune properly? Ask for a quick tutorial. Consider our team personalized musical tour guides eager to impart wisdom to help you rock out.

Service & Repairs – We have an onsite repair shop at every location manned by seasoned technicians who can fix up your instrument like new. Don’t let that vintage horn’s sticky valves or acoustic’s high action deter you – our techs can overhaul just about anything to get it stage and studio ready at very reasonable rates. We even offer free simple adjustments with most purchases and warranty all used gear we sell. You really can’t find more comprehensive service anywhere else.

Specialty Shops – While we carry all major instrument categories, some Music Go Round locations have cultivated special niches like an extra focus on band & orchestra tools, guitars, keyboards or drums. Floating between a few shops lets you take advantage of inventory strengths. And staffers network frequently, so if you don’t see something specific, ask – they may be able to track it down from a sister store.

Purchase Program Partners – Music Go Round is proud to support school music departments through our Instrument Purchase Program which allows directors to buy high-quality pre-owned gear at super discounted rates. Many students step on stage for the first time playing one of our instruments. Supporting music education is central to our mission so this program will always remain a priority.

Giving Back – Music Go Round stores sponsor many local events like open mics, lessons, workshops and concerts that aim to strengthen community bonds through music appreciation. We also donate instruments and funds to music therapy groups, underserved school bands and orchestras, church music programs and other groups expanding access. Our franchise owners and staff volunteer time and talents mentoring youth music organizations as well. Basically, supporting music scenes wherever we have stores is in our DNA.

The Experience

We think a trip to Music Go Round should inspire, educate and bring joy. Here’s a peek at what you can expect when you walk through our doors:

The smell of hard-rock maple and metal strings tickles your nose as you’re greeted by the sweet sound of an electric guitar testing out Stevie Ray Vaughan-esque licks. Walls pop with vibrant hues contrasting waves of beautiful bowed wood in every shape. Glass cases shine under studio lights showcasing smaller string, brass and woodwind offerings while sturdy stands spotlight ax shapes nearby.

Your eyes ping pong about – where to even start in this musical candy land? You may be distracted by the thrill of discovery – ooh, what’s that curved congo-looking drum? Or drawn instinctively toward your instrument of choice – hmm, is that a classic Gibson hollow body? Friendly staffers sprinkled about locking eyes to offer welcoming smiles. No pressure, take your time.

Curiosity leads you down rows lined end to end with options. Acoustics over here sorted by body style – spruce topped orchestras soar tall beside smaller parlor shapes. Electric guitars line up by brand – classic Fenders, edgy Gibsons, shreddable Ibanezes. Neat piles of effects pedals glow with blinking lights as if begging you to tap dance across them.

A speckled burst finish catches your eye. You pick up the acoustic, run fingers across vintage bindings, trail down the slim neck, pluck a few strings. Gorgeous crisp tone with rich bass. It vibrates perfectly against your torso. Is this love? Across the way, a keyboard synth tones pipe out melodic riffs as a staffer explains features to a customer. Over in guitars, a teen sits crossed legged sampling an electric, enamored by the sound of gain-soaked power chords.

Time disappears. Everywhere instruments call to be touched, strummed, explored. A trombone slides alluringly from its stand. Light bounces off a golden trumpet bell begging for breath. A lonely banjo pleads for its strings to be picked. You notice pianos tucked cozily into corners for sitting with ivory keys awaiting fingers. Congas, bongos, djembes cluster together pounding out imaginary Latin rhythms. Even a shiny harp pings out imaginary plucks in your mind’s ear.

Before you leave, you carve out time to pepper the experts with questions. They listen intently, make thoughtful recommendations and retrieve special pieces you must sample based on your needs. No rush, we’ll get you sorted. Confidence grows this is the place that will guide your music dreams.

When twilight falls, you emerge inspired, reinvigorated, empowered with new sonic potential. Bag slung over a shoulder carries hope home as the perfect boutique instrument nestles inside. You glance back through the window where neon “Open” signs still flash cheerily. When can I return? What will I find next time? The adventure continues…

Hopefully this little peek inside gives a feel for what the Music Go Round experience is all about. Now’s the perfect time for a visit, don’t you think? We can’t wait to see AND hear you soon!


If Music Go Round sounds like an endeavor you’d be passionate about, you’re in luck! We are actively growing our franchise network coast to coast to help more communities access affordably priced instruments.

Music Go Round mini-retail franchisees benefit from our established systems and processes refined over 15+ years pairing quality pre-owned instruments with the public. As part of our network, you can capitalize on:

Proven Business Model Our specialized retail concept mixing high inventory turnover and meticulous inspection/repair techniques keeps quality and profits high. We know pre-owned gear inside out.

Turnkey Operations
From site selection expertise and store design best practices to inventory management systems, employee training programs and more – our playbook sets you up for success on day one.

Vendor Relationships
Our collective buying power gives store owners access to special purchase pricing from major brands and independent builders alike. We know how to stock what sells.

Robust Support From ops and inventory control to marketing and promotions, our support teams assist with anything needed to keep stores humming profitably.

Group Synergy
Tried and true standard processes across stores streamline operations, while idea sharing between franchisees helps everyone maximize potential. Our annual conferences fuel inspiration and innovation.

The numbers tell the story best: our top 25% of franchise stores generate over $1 million in gross annual sales with strong cash flow and minimal overhead expenses. Other franchises average $350-500K. We aim high!

Ideal Candidates Successful Music Go Round franchisees have a personal passion for music, embody an entrepreneurial DIY spirit, possess natural management skills, and want to make a difference within their community. Relevant industry connections are a nice bonus too.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk! Fill out a Franchise Form or call our Franchise Development team at 800-123-4567. Help shape your town’s music scene while tapping into a recession resistant business aligned with current buying trends. We think it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Thank you for considering Music Go Round. We look forward to making joyful noise together soon!

About us - Music Go Round (2024)
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