Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6 (2024)

Monkey Buccaneer of the BTD6 is a Military-type tower. The tower preserves its function and name from BTD4 and 5, with notable additions. It didn’t have any pre-release teasers, but it was displayed for the first time when the game was made available to some YT users before BTD6’s actual release date.

A Monkey Buccaneer is a monkey who inhabits a wooden vessel with two cannons on each side. These cannons fire darts each sec. The tower is a one-of-a-kind water-based tower with an update that effectively generates revenue, similar to a Banana Farm but on water.

It is one of the two non-hero towers capable of instant-killing all MOAB-Class Bloons, the other being Engineer Monkeys. It is also one of two water-based non-hero towers, Monkey Subs.

The image above was shared on Reddit by user u/DontWeDoItInTheRoad. If you want to receive more concepts and visuals like those shown above, you can join r/btd6guide. So, let us discuss the best monkey buccaneer path in BTD6.

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What is the Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6?

Pirate Lord is an excellent upgrade for players since it grants the Monkey Buccaneer the ability to drag three MOAB-class bloons from the sky simultaneously. So, we can say that the Pirate Lord is the best monkey buccaneer path in BTD6. Here are some of the different paths of monkey buccaneer:


Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6 (1)
  • Price: $21,250
  • Path: 1
  • Tier: 5

The Carrier Flagship is a worthwhile Tier 5 upgrade even at a relatively high price. Alchemist buffs do not influence its planes but rather two specialties: the global attack speed boosts for water-based towers and Monkey Aces and the two platforms on which land towers can be erected.

Arctic Wind can “terraform” water, allowing the purchase of Monkey Villages or other support structures in the area. When coupled with Pat Fusty and The Tack Zone, the Carrier Flagship stands out as a meta CHIMPS tower on Flooded Valley, where it is frequently used.

To maximize its MOAB-class popping power, the Flagship’s platforms strategically put The Tack Zone in the middle of the track. Before updating, make sure you see where the platforms will go so that bizarre bugs don’t accidentally occupy them. For example, there is a glitch where Fusty prevents Tack Zone’s placement even though Tack Zone is not exactly on top of the platforms.

The Carrier Flagship can cross paths with either Path 2 or Path 3. But, which path a player chooses will rely heavily on whether a player requires extra Camo detection or if they’ve placed a Hero like Etienne. The latter might allow players to obtain Camo detection and thus have the option to empower the Carrier Flagship with more damage output, respectively.


Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6 (2)
  • Price: $17,850
  • Path: 2
  • Tier: 5

In Bloons TD 6, the Monkey Buccaneer’s Path 2 upgrade, Pirate Lord, is final. Even though two hooks are required, a Buccaneer can pull down three MOAB-class Bloons, including ZOMGs, but not the BAD or bosses. Each blimp that is retrieved results in a 100% cash reward for the gamer.

It is possible to utilize the Pirate Lord’s ability right after upgrading because it has no initial cooldown and can be used if the initial upgrade’s ability is not on cooldown. With this ability, the cooldown time is now 30 seconds instead of the previous 50-second cooldown time.

Pirate Lord’s ability to constantly sell and buy back means that it can quickly take down large numbers of ZOMGs and weaker blimps because of its lack of an initial cooldown. However, as a lone tower, its hook ability has a moderate ability cooldown, making it vulnerable to general damage and instant kills.

There is an upside that any blimps taken down using Pirate Lord’s ability yield +100% income. Still, Pirate Lord’s attacks can sometimes grow too powerful, destroying the target before you can use the ability.

There are two ways for players to cross paths with their Pirate Lord, although this will depend on whether or not the player requires Camo detection. Crossing paths using Path 3 will cost players significant damage, but they will gain a substantial amount of attack range and Camo detection.


Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6 (3)
  • Price: $19,550
  • Path: 3
  • Tier: 5

When Trade Empire is used as the last upgrade, it just adds $300 to the Buccaneer’s total earnings after the round, a profit of $800 (or $820 with the Trade Agreement Monkey Knowledge), with no other benefits, such as a higher sell return when sold within the Buccaneer’s radius.

Tier 5 status is justified because it can gain an additional $20 per Merchantmen, Favored Trades, and Trade Empire that is active on the field. If you have 20 of the above three towers up and running, you’ll get the most out of the improvement, but subsequent Merchantmen and Favored Trades won’t be able to benefit from the bump in income after the round.

The Trade Empire is counted as a stack to the overall number of Path 3 Buccaneers, but it doesn’t get any additional money for doing so. Path 2 is the most likely choice for gamers who desire to cross paths with Trade Empire Monkey Buccaneers.

As a result, Path 1 is a weak upgrade path for players, even if it provides a significant amount of damage. AoE damage and Lead Bloon and Ceramic Bloon shattering capabilities given to Monkey Buccaneers in Path 2 make these swift ships incredibly potent against ships that have camouflage properties.

In reality, Path 3 Monkey Buccaneers are the game’s weakest upgrade, but they can still provide some cash if players create a large enough fleet of monstrous canoes.


This concludes our post on the “Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6.” Here are a few bullet points that describe the article’s content:

  • Even if the bloon does not have a great deal of range, Monkey Buccaneers on Path 1 can be incredibly effective, as players will not require the base radius of the Monkey Buccaneer.
  • Path 2 Pirate Lords are ideal towers to build when players are concerned that a bloon would leak, and they can also be helpful when players have limited range, as they can force the Path 2, Monkey Buccaneer, to do rapid damage in a cone shape.
  • Path 3 Trade Empire Monkey Buccaneers are rarely used because they are the weakest form of Monkey Buccaneers in the game.

We hope you found this article useful. If you want to learn more about BTD6, stay tuned!


Best Monkey Buccaneer Path in BTD6 (2024)
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