What Happened to Hitman Holla‘s Girlfriend Cinnamon After Being Shot in the Face - 33rd Square (2024)

Hitman Holla, a beloved battle rapper and comedian known for his energetic persona on Wild ‘N Out, revealed some devastating news on October 12, 2021 – his girlfriend Cinnamon was shot in the face during a violent home invasion robbery.

Cinnamon, whose real name is Miranda King, underwent serious injuries after being shot through the cheek with the bullet exiting out the back of her head. Hitman Holla shared a photo of Cinnamon in the hospital wearing a neck brace with the solemn caption: "She‘s at the hospital now being strong."

This shocking incident has left fans wondering – who is Cinnamon? How did this happen? And what‘s next for her recovery and relationship with Hitman Holla?

Who is Cinnamon and How Did She Meet Hitman Holla?

Cinnamon is an entrepreneur, Instagram model and influencer with over 277k followers on the platform. She owns a popular hair company called Cinnamon‘s Secrets.

She and Hitman Holla (real name Gerald Fulton Jr.) reportedly started dating back in 2016 after meeting through mutual friends. They‘ve shared their relationship publicly online over the years, posting photos together on Instagram and YouTube to the delight of fans.

With her gorgeous looks and outgoing personality combined with Hitman Holla‘s comedic talents and music success, the couple seemed bound to gain a growing fanbase.

Details on the Devastating Home Invasion Shooting

According to reports from Hitman Holla, the shooting occurred late at night on October 11, 2021 at their home in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Four intruders broke into the house and Cinnamon was shot in the ensuing confrontation. Hitman Holla described the grave injuries, saying "Bullet went through her cheek and out the back of her head."

Miraculously, Cinnamon survived despite the horrific gunshot wound. Hitman Holla posted an update saying she was at the hospital "being strong" and did not require surgery, though she suffered two fractured bones in her neck.

As of now, no suspects have been named or arrested for this violent home invasion and shooting. The couple had just moved into that home one week before the robbery took place.

Outpouring of Support for Cinnamon‘s Recovery

Hitman Holla asked for prayers and positive thoughts for Cinnamon‘s recovery, which sparked an outpouring of support from friends, family and fans.

Fellow Wild ‘N Out cast members like Justina Valentine, Emmanuel Hudson, and Nick Cannon posted messages wishing her well. Celebrity friends such as Eva Marcille and basketball star Iman Shumpert also shared supportive comments.

Cinnamon even posted on her own Instagram from the hospital, thanking everyone for their love during this difficult time: "Thank you to everyone who has reached out, commented, etc. I appreciate the love and prayers more than you know."

This flood of goodwill shows just how many lives this charismatic couple has touched through their talents, humor and openness on social media.

How This Could Impact Their Careers and Relationship Moving Forward

Surviving and recovering from a violent shooting requires immense physical and emotional strength. Cinnamon already shows her fighting spirit by posting positive updates for fans.

But gunshot injuries can have long-term health consequences like nerve damage or brain trauma. It may take months, or even longer, for Cinnamon to fully heal depending on the extent of her neck, face and head wounds.

Hitman Holla and Cinnamon will likely need to take a break from the public eye to properly deal with this trauma. Hitman Holla may understandably want to take time off touring and promotional work to be present as Cinnamon‘s support system.

Once she recovers, they may speak out together to advocate against the epidemic of home invasions plaguing the Atlanta suburbs in recent years. Victims tend to experience post-traumatic stress from these incidents.

Sharing their story could help give hope and healing to others impacted by these crimes. Their commitment faced with this ultimate test will likely only strengthen their bond.

My Takeaway as a Fan and Commentator

As someone who has followed both Hitman Holla and Cinnamon‘s careers for years, this shooting shakes me to the core. My heart goes out to them as they face Cinnamon‘s long road to recovery.

Her alive and optimistic posts show incredible resilience. I hope they both can get the privacy, treatment and support they need right now after going through such a horrific ordeal.

I admire them even more seeing their grace under pressure at this difficult time. They set an example that even amid devastation, love, faith and humanity can prevail. We can only hope justice gets served so they feel safe in their home again.

This terrible incident proves fame and success does not make you immune from being a victim of violent crime. It‘s a grim reminder for all celebrities and influencers to protect themselves, even in assumed safe suburbs like Fayetteville.

I pray Cinnamon makes a full recovery and wish both her and Hitman Holla strength as they heal from this trauma together. Their lives will never be quite the same, but their powerful bond can help overcome the worst humanity can inflict.

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What Happened to Hitman Holla‘s Girlfriend Cinnamon After Being Shot in the Face - 33rd Square (2024)
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