A man drinks coffee

Coffee, if you drink this way, it becomes poison!

7 coffee drinking habits to fix

In the USA, there is a survey result that one adult drinks over 500 cups of coffee per year on average. They say it to be the 6th most coffee drinker in the world. It is said that the USA loves coffee’.

Fragrant coffee relieves fatigue and makes you feel good. In fact, about two cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by 65% ​​and reduces the risk of diabetes by 11%. We know it to be effective in overcoming depression.

As such, coffee has many benefits for the body, but the habits we do inadvertently while drinking coffee also make coffee rather poison. Find out 7 bad coffee habits.

Drinking morning coffee

There are many people who drink coffee as soon as they wake up to wake up in the morning. It is also the reason for home appliances that allow you to make cafe coffee at home are popular. However, morning coffee can be harmful.

One to two hours right after waking up is the time during which it secretes the hormone cortisol the most. Cortisol acts as a natural stimulant that boosts the body’s vitality. The problem is that ingesting caffeine when cortisol is secreted causes excessive arousal, resulting in symptoms such as headache and heart palpitations. Caffeine also triggers excessive cortisol secretion, which also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cortisol secretion increases not only immediately after waking but also between 12 and 1 o’clock in the day and 5-6 o’clock in the evening. Therefore, the appropriate time of day to drink coffee is 2 hours after waking up and around 1-5 pm.

A man drinks coffee

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Coffee on an empty stomach adversely affects the digestive system. It secretes a lot of stomach acid when you are fasting, but caffeine can further stimulate the secretion of stomach acid and cause heartburn. Caffeine can irritate the lower oesophageal sphincter and cause esophagitis.

Drinking coffee after drinking

Some people drink coffee after drinking to relieve a hangover. Coffee’s arousal effect can make you feel you’re breaking alcohol, but coffee has no effect on hangover relief. Rather, coffee is the worst food for a hangover. It decomposes alcohol entering our body in the body and turned into a toxic substance called acetaldehyde’. This substance causes hangover symptoms such as headaches. It excretes acetaldehyde in the urine, and coffee causes dehydration, interfering with this excretion process, making hangovers worse. Drinking water instead of coffee after drinking is more helpful for hangover relief.

Drink over 4 glasses a day

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety limits the recommended daily intake of caffeine for adults to about 400mg. The average caffeine content of a cup of coffee sold at a coffee shop is about 124mg of Americano and 11mg of Caffe Latte. Therefore, drinking over 4 cups of coffee a day and excessive caffeine intake can be harmful. Also, if you have anemia, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, it is better not to drink coffee at all.

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Drinking canned coffee often

Canned coffee is coated inside the can with a harmful substance called BPA to prevent corrosion. BPA is a type of an environmental hormone that disrupts the normal functioning of the endocrine system when introduced into the body. Excessive exposure to BPA through canned coffee can cause various diseases. Canned coffee warmed in a convenience store’s warm room is even more harmful. This is because the BPA component meets the heat and is more soluble in the beverage.

Drinking hot coffee

Research shows that drinking too hot coffee increases the risk of oesophageal cancer by about eight times. Also, hot coffee is often served in paper cups covered with plastic lids, which may contain unproven hazardous substances. If the hot heat of coffee meets harmful substances, the coffee is consumed and toxic it absorbs substances. Therefore, it is better to cool hot coffee a little before drinking it with the plastic lid open.

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Drink with whipped cream

It is often eaten with whipped cream added to the latte type of coffee. This is because it adds a sweet and soft texture. However, whipped cream is food that increases blood cholesterol by causing the accumulation of trans fat. When ordering coffee at a cafe, if you always answered “yes” to the question “Shall I bring you whipped cream?”, now it is better to answer “no” and reduce the consumption of whipped cream.