Parts of the body
Parts of the body

Parts of the body that you do not wash the correct way

Some parts of the body need to be washed properly to ensure that they are clean and disinfected from contamination, so what are these parts and how can they be washed properly?

Years go by and we think that we wash body parts as they should be, but in fact there are some parts that require special care and cleaning in a different way in order to ensure their complete purity.

1- The hands

Of course, you know very well the importance of washing hands well before and after eating, as well as after handling things carrying bacteria and germs.

But does it guarantee that your hands are thoroughly disinfected from any sources of contamination? To be sure of this, the hands must be washed and rubbed together with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and the washing should cover all parts of the hands, whether the palm of the hand, between the fingers, and the area around the nails.

2- The face

The skin needs special care and deep cleaning so that bacteria and germs do not accumulate on it and cause many skin problems.

Contrary to expectations, face washing has basic steps to follow, including:

Hand hygiene: Before you use it on your skin, you must make sure that it is clean so that microbes do not transfer from the hand to the skin.
Choosing the appropriate lotion: Each skin type has a lotion that suits it, and you must know your skin type to use the lotion that guarantees preservation.
Gently wash the skin: Do not press or rub it because this harms it, and you must make sure to wash all parts of the skin and remove the oil and dirt from it, then rinse it with cold or moderate water, not hot.
The soap residue must be washed completely from the skin, because accumulating it leads to acne.

Not to over-wash the face: this leads to ridding it of the natural oils that are beneficial and important for the skin, and thus lose its natural moisture, and become more prone to dryness and various problems.
Drying the face: After washing the face, it must be dried with a gentle cotton towel on it without pressing hard on the skin.

3- Scalp

Some people wash their hair well, but without caring for the scalp, although it is the most important part that needs to be cleaned well, especially for those with thick hair, which makes it difficult for them to reach the entire scalp.

To ensure that the scalp is washed, it must be massaged with shampoo through the fingertips, “not the nails”. This massage will help stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth, and at the same time rid it of accumulated dirt and toxins that lead to irritation and itching.

And it is necessary to use a shampoo suitable for the type of hair as well as do not contain chemicals that harm the scalp and hair strands.

4- Teeth

Many people only brush their teeth with a toothbrush, thinking that this will do the trick and get rid of any bacteria and germs.

This is a misconception because it is difficult for the brush to reach the areas between the teeth where food remains that turn into harmful bacteria in the teeth.

That is why you must use medical floss to clean between the teeth and do this twice daily.

And when brushing the teeth, all the teeth and posterior molars must be reached and rubbed well, but severe rubbing could damage without affecting the gums, which.

It is recommended to make a circular movement with the brush for a period of 8 to 10 seconds for each area, to ensure that the areas surrounding each tooth or tooth are cleaned, or to replace the regular brush with the electric one that provides circular motions during brushing the teeth.

It is preferable to choose a soft toothbrush, because other types may cause the removal of the outer layer of the teeth, which exposes them to many health problems.

After brushing the teeth, rinsing must be done well with water to rid them of any dirt and food residues that have been removed through the brush.

5- The ear

Some people resort to using cotton buds to clean the ear which is a common mistake that causes many health problems in the ear.

As the use of these sticks to rid the ear of wax will lead to some of it entering and accumulating on the eardrum which exposes you to blockage of the ear canal or a decrease in hearing.

Therefore, it is not recommended to rid the ear of wax, as it will self-clean the excess wax, and the presence of this wax is important to protect the ear from any external bacteria and impede their entry.

As for the correct ear cleaning, it is for the outer part only and gets rid of the wax appearing in front of you, as well as cleaning the parts visible in the ear on all sides, with drying it well after the completion of cleaning it.

And don’t forget to wash the area behind the ears as well, because dirt may build up in it.

6- The belly button

Some people are not interested in washing the navel area completely, although it is considered the dirtiest area of ​​the body according to studies and research, as it is inhabited by many bacteria that are difficult to reach and get rid of.

The water flowing over the navel while bathing does not clean it. Rather, touching it by the hands allows the bacteria in it to spread to other parts of the body.

To clean the navel, it is advised to use a cotton swab immersed in warm water and medicinal soap, and to insert this piece into the navel gently, so do not handle it completely strongly.

This should be done regularly with every shower to ensure they are kept clean and free of dirt and bacteria.

7- The foot

Some expect that the feet will become clean after bathing because of all the water and soap flow to it, and this is not true, because it does not completely cleanse it, as the feet need special cleaning and care.

It must be sure to clean all parts of the foot through the loofah designated for it, the heel, between the toes, the soles of the foot, and the top of the foot, as well as the nail area, because fungi accumulate in these areas, causing foot problems and a bad smell.

And you must dry your feet well after washing them, including these toes and what is in between. This will not take you only a few seconds, but you ensure that they are kept clean and not infected with any fungi or health problems.