achieve success in life
achieve success in life

How to achieve success in life and succeed?

Achieve success in life, through perseverance. How to achieve success in life and find inner harmony? A positive attitude and a powerful belief in yourself work wonders.

We are not animals, We are not a product of what happened to us in the past. We have the power of choice. 

Stephen Covey

Many people talk about success. Meanwhile, and to begin with, not everyone is ready to answer clearly: what is success? What goals does it intend to achieve?

There are two questions, answering which at the end of life any of us can judge how successful and worthy life turned out to be, whether it was successful:

  • 1. Have you done everything that you intended? Did you achieve the goals you set?
  • 2. Did the people who surrounded you feel good about you?

According to Stephen Covey, the key to success and the meaning of life is not to save and gain money, social status, etc. Basically, The accurate measure of success is the contribution that a person has made for the benefit of people.

At the level of goal-setting, without realizing the importance of this stage, about 80% of people “fail”. The result for all 80%, despite the efforts made. As a result, the time spent on achieving false goals and the degree of their achievement will be problematic to call success.. But even defining a worthy goal is only the first, albeit the most important, step on the path to success. It is equally important to take a “memo for every day” with you when you set off …

Principles of Success

Many studies of the phenomenon of successful people have led psychologists to the conclusion: success is not a villain Malia and Crete, not a coveted million in a bank – it is, first, a realized inner potential, self-actualization through the system of inner values, love, creativity.

As Stephen Covey believed: a person achieves success when the values ​​of individual values ​​are equalized for him. Besides, with values ​​that are eternal and universal. Values ​​are a person’s guide, principles determine the result.

10 Steps for Principles of Success

1- Changing your character as you head towards success

Our personality is based on our habits, presented as consistent, often unconscious patterns. Daily and hourly, they express our character. Character defines our life and is its foundation. Its limits of perseverance ultimately determine the limits of our capabilities. Therefore, if you intend to change your life and achieve something significant and seemingly unattainable, start changing your character.

2- Decide on your priorities

The highlight of success isn’t deciding exactly which points to include in your plan. We should align it with your priorities. So write and plan your priorities, because what we aren’t planning won’t get done. Once you’ve identified your priorities, build your every day around them.

3- Always remember the Most Important

The most important condition is to constantly withstand what is your top priority. On the way to the goal, keep the big picture in mind, do not lose sight of what is in the foreground for you.

Defocused attention is one of the most common causes of failure. It is not enough to move in the right direction; it is important not to go astray, not to deviate from it, being distracted by extraneous things.

4- Use imagination tools

Build your life around your imagination, not your story. Imagination is the only tool at our disposal that can scroll our future in advance. How can you use this advantage? – Create in your imagination the image of the desired future.

Otherwise, you will not drive far by constantly “looking in the rearview mirror.”

If you can imagine the image of your bright future and believe in it. Correspondingly, you will achieve success and realize your goals.

5- Prioritize and prioritize critical missions

It is impossible not to stray from the path to achieving success, not being able to identify and solve. In the first place, critical tasks, and in the remaining time, if possible, minor and insignificant.

6- Choice, Principles, Flexibility of thinking

Choice, principles = value systems and flexible thinking contain all the prerequisites for achieving the goal.

You will change your life and achieve genuine success if, when choosing a goal, you correlate it in eternal values, and on the way to it, show the flexibility of thinking.

7- Deciding for those who made destiny

As Stephen Covey said: ‘We are not animals, We are not a product of what happened to us in the past, We have the power of choice.’

By deciding and acting with care, we can bypass the constraints of the external environment and achieve our goals.

8- “Sharpen the saw,”

Continuously improve your knowledge and skills – the requirements for the increase in proportion to the scale of the goal.

9- Begin with the last goal

The presence of the last goal will allow you to focus all your attention on it, make conscious and directed efforts, rationally spend time, mental energy and material resources necessary to achieve it.

10- Do not be a slave to circumstances, reforge fate under your idea of ​​happiness

Flexible and fixed thinking to Achieve success

The success of a person directly depends on the flexibility of his thinking. She confirms this by many years of research by Carol Dweck, which confirmed that absolutely we can attribute any person to one of two categories-people with fixed (FM) or people with flexible (GM) thinking.

The second conclusion. Also based on the results of statistics, is that people with flexible thinking reach much greater heights in life than representatives of the first category. What is the reason for this difference?

What is the reason for this difference?

People with GM convinced they can develop that intelligence goal and should be bold and big. They believe a person’s capabilities limit only by the strength of his intention to achieve his goals.

They see mistakes and failures as a useful experience that opens up new knowledge for them, an opportunity to become better and more accurate.

Achieve success for people with GM is not an end goal, but a by-product on the way to their goals. Achieve success is not a gift from above, but the result of a targeted application of a certain amount of effort.

Continuous development, cognition of new and improvement of already gained skills is an obligatory component of their life plan, their “growth mindset”.

Their credo to achieve success in life

Their credo: there is no progress without risk, talent is secondary, purposeful efforts are decisive, my imperfection is to blame for their failures.

People with FM firmly convinced that talent, level of ability and intelligence determined once and for all by nature. Accordingly, the amount of effort required to achieve a specific goal determined by talent. If an undertaking requires a lot of effort, then there is no talent and ability.

This path, according to their logic, is erroneous and not worthy of attention, and it is worth looking for something else.

They regard their own or someone else’s failures as a sign of limited intelligence or natural abilities.

On the contrary, The accidental success achieved considered clear evidence of giftedness and easily associated with the last goal of the endeavour.

They adhere to the “fixed mindset”, do not set big goals to achieve success, it does not incline them to take risks, they give up easily.

Failure completely unsettles them and prompts them to blame the environment and circumstances for everything, because the first thing they care about is the opinion of others.

Living by the principle of “test and appreciated”, they seem better than they really are, which is why they often fail and easily identify themselves as losers.

Life is not a career, but a mission

From the above it becomes clear: leadership, as a determining parameter of achieving success, is not a position, but an individual choice of a person. On the path to achieve success, we must not forget about principles rooted in moral values. A brilliant confirmation of this thesis is Mahatma Gandhi, who became the leader of the nation without having the official status of a politician and office.

Striving for a noble goal allows a person not only to improve skills and abilities but also to grow spiritually, to live under it.

This path to achieve success in life is not only a struggle for the result but also serving your personal mission.

Where we go in this life ultimately determined by ourselves, and not by society, everyday life, politicians and the immediate environment.

As Stephen Covey said, “We not limited by the achievements of our parents and the achievements of our colleagues.” We can achieve almost anything we can believe in.

And we can do everything if we only believe that it is possible.