Winter is coming: how to clean a sheepskin coat at home

clean a sheepskin coat at home
clean a sheepskin coat at home

Severe cold weather is already on the doorstep, which means that it’s time to get warm clothes and clean a sheepskin coat for the first winter promenade.

clean a sheepskin coat at home
clean a sheepskin coat at home

We will tell you how to independently transform an artificial and natural sheepskin coat at home.

A sheepskin coat is a versatile item that is equally harmoniously combined with both classic shoes and rough boots, sneakers and Australian felt boots.

But the material itself is quite easily exposed to the environment. Many are afraid to clean the sheepskin coat on their own for fear of making the stains even more noticeable. And this is in vain: there are several proven methods that will quickly reliably and reliably help eliminate pollution.

Rules for caring for a sheepskin coat at home

Natural sheepskin coat cannot be washed by hand or in a washing machine! At home, you can only wash an artificial sheepskin coat made of polyester or acrylic, but it is better to resort to local removal.

First, get acquainted with the elementary rules that will allow you to keep your sheepskin coat clean even with daily wear.

 a sheepskin coat
Rules for caring for a sheepskin coat at home
  • At the end of the winter season, clean the sheepskin coat before storing it until next year.
  • Store the sheepskin coat only in a breathable fabric cover, plastic bags will not work.
  • Hang the sheepskin coat strictly on the hanger and free up space in the closet: the thing can deform if stored improperly, it needs free space around.
  • If stains appear on the sheepskin coat, then remove them immediately. Old stains are much more corrosive and much more difficult to remove.
  • Dry the wet sheepskin coat at room temperature, away from the battery. During drying, hang the sheepskin coat by the shoulders so as not to deform the product.
  • Test the cleaning agents for the sheepskin coat on the seamy side of the product and only then apply to the front.
  • Save the label, which has badges for the care of the sheepskin coat, this will facilitate the cleaning process.

How to clean a sheepskin coat at home

You can clean an old or new sheepskin coat in different ways. The point is that wet cleaning methods require subsequent drying of the product. The same applies to natural or artificial ones: the chosen cleaning method and product depend entirely on the material of a particular sheepskin coat and the degree of pollution.

Dry cleaning is suitable in order to restore a fresh look to the product, remove pills, adhering hairs, threads and other minor dirt.

Dry method

For dry cleaning you can use:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for cleaning furniture upholstery.
  • A rubber suede brush and a rubber eraser for small stains in hard-to-reach places (between buttons).
  • Semolina: A pinch of dry semolina is indispensable for fresh dirt.
  • A crusty piece of bread that can be used to scrub dirty areas.
  • Starch, if you need to remove grease stains dry: just sprinkle the stained area with dry starch and leave for 1-2 hours.
  • Fine sandpaper: give preference to fine-grain sandpaper so as not to damage the sheepskin coat.

Wet way

Wet cleaning includes the use of the following products:

  • Soap solution with a drop of ammonia: apply the solution with a cotton pad or gauze, and after moistening the treated area with water with the addition of 20 ml of glycerin, ammonia and borax. You can buy a ready-made antiseptic agent at the pharmacy, which is called “borax in glycerin” or “sodium tetraborate “.
  • Old stains on a sheepskin coat can be removed with kerosene or gasoline. Apply one or the other to a small cloth and wipe the dirt with it. This method is not suitable for light-coloured sheepskin coats.
  • A solution of 500 ml of water and 125 ml of ammonia copes even with stubborn stains. This tool can even clean an old sheepskin coat with stains of unknown origin.
  • A solution of 6% vinegar and water will also help clean the sheepskin coat. Dilute 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 500 ml of water and gently apply to the stain with a cotton pad.

After wet cleaning, dry the sheepskin coat at room temperature using a hard hanger. And so that the sheepskin coat does not become hard, rub the dried areas with a suede brush or an eraser.

How to clean a light sheepskin coat at home

A light-coloured sheepskin coat requires particularly reverent care. To clean such a product, you need to be patient and use the following means:

A light sheepskin coat
A light sheepskin coat can be cleaned with ammonia. Before that, do not forget to put on gloves and open the window.
  • A stationery eraser or a piece of bread if you don’t have a special suede brush at hand.
  • Tooth powder or chalk rubbed into the stain using the same method as semolina.
  • An aqueous solution of ammonia, which is applied to the stain with a sponge.
  • A mixture of milk, vinegar and baking soda, which must be rubbed into the dirt with a napkin, and then remove the excess with a damp cloth.

How to clean a natural sheepskin coat at home

If you have a suede sheepskin coat with little dirt, you can use table salt. You will also need a rubber suede brush. Apply a thin layer of salt to the stain and rub without applying too much pressure. Then you need to brush the problem area with a brush.

Try bread crumb. Take a piece of stale bread and actively rub the contaminated areas on the sheepskin coat with it.

Semolina is also useful in the process of cleaning a sheepskin coat. Put on a cloth glove before use and only then proceed. Take a handful of semolina and rub it on the spots. Periodically pick up a fresh batch of cereals, as the old one will absorb dirt and darken.

Potato starch can help remove greasy stains. You just need to pour it on the contaminated area and wait for a while. The starch will absorb the oily substance, and then it can be shaken off. If necessary, the starch portion can be changed to a new one and the procedure repeated.

Natural fur on a sheepskin coat
Natural fur on a sheepskin coat can be brushed with salt

Natural fur on a sheepskin coat can be cleaned with a mixture of gasoline and starch. Mix them to a liquid paste and apply to a nap, then rinse.

A universal remedy – salt – will also help when cleaning natural fur, it is especially effective against greasy stains. Mix 500 millilitres of water, 3 tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of ammonia. In this case, it is better to avoid getting the product on the rest of the sheepskin coat.

There is also an excellent remedy for white fur: 500 millilitres of water + a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide will quickly whiten the pile.

To soften the fur edge of a sheepskin coat, you can wipe the fur with a solution of one egg yolk and a tablespoon of vaseline oil in half a litre of warm water.

How to clean an artificial sheepskin coat

faux sheepskin coats
Some of the faux sheepskin coats are self-washable. But, if there is a possibility, it is better to take it to the dry cleaner after all.

The first thing to do before you clean an artificial sheepskin coat at home is to read the information on the product label. There is a general recommendation that such outerwear should not be washed on your own, but sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. One way or another, instructions on the method of washing and the choice of temperature regime should be on the tag.

If machine washable, load the sheepskin coat separately from other items in the drum. Set the program “hand” or “delicate wash”, the temperature is not higher than 40 degrees. Dry the product by hanging it on a hanger and keeping it away from direct sunlight and heating appliances.

If you are not sure that the machine wash will go well, or your model of the machine does not have a suitable mode, try wet cleaning the sheepskin coat by hand. To do this, first, brush the surface and fur with a dry brush. Fill a basin with water and add a special product.

Spread the sheepskin coat on a flat horizontal surface and gently clean with a sponge soaked in the solution. Avoid getting the product on fur. Then you need to wash off the remaining foam – for this, the sheepskin coat must be hung on a hanger and rinsed with a shower, turning on cold water. After washing, saturate the sheepskin coat with a special water-repellent agent.

Prevention of contamination

It is easier to prevent pollution than to deal with it later. Therefore, pay special attention to the rules for wearing and caring for a sheepskin coat.

  • Do not wear the product in wet weather, during rain or sleet. In every possible way, avoid getting moisture on the sheepskin coat.
  • Store in a dark place away from sunlight, batteries and heaters. This will help protect the sheepskin coat from deformation and fading.
  • Regularly treat the sheepskin coat with a water-repellent impregnation from such reliable brands as Salamander, Saphir, Collonil.

How to clean a sheepskin coat with purchased products

First, you need to get a suitable brush – choose it according to the type of material from which the sheepskin coat is made. There are brushes for fur, suede, leather and others on sale. A metal sponge or a brush with a very hard bristle will definitely not work.

From household chemicals, you can buy the following products: Unicum sprays for leather, Salton foam for suede, Binatec line of specialized products.