well-being formula
well-being formula

Human well-being formula

well-being formula is the foundation of achieving well-being the ability to be in a state of love for yourself and the world. This is a state of harmony, happiness, this is the ability to do everything qualitatively in your life: honestly, cleanly and beautifully. This is Mastery in everything that a person does, and therefore there is no place for fears in it. He clearly knows, whatever situation arises in his reality, he will resolve it beautifully. A person in welfare does not depend on the material world, his state of inner harmony does not depend on the presence or absence of material wealth. Perhaps he does not have everything that he would like, but he wants everything that he has – he knows how to be grateful for what he has.

Gratitude is the ability to bestow blessing, selflessly – without expecting anything in return.

That is, achieve well-being allows a person to be grateful.

Having learned how to give good, a person becomes prosperous, that is, ready to receive good from the outside world. The higher the level of gratitude, the higher the level of well-being.! So the formula is: welfare – gratitude – welfare.

Get your freedom back

Active people who create opportunities for themselves – push passive people in the back, depending on the circumstances. The first ones roll this world. The second – complain: “God, where the world is heading!”

well-being formula
well-being formula

The absolute majority are carriers of the rules of “thinking” and behaviour. Everyone knows his life scenario. The answers to all questions are already known: is it necessary to go to university, when is it time to get married, how many children to give birth to, what is it striving for, and even when it is time to die. All this is a stone that a person rolls without hesitation.

The point is not to live without a stone – but what kind of stone you like so much that you voluntarily roll it.

The majority do not live well, because they are being pushed with a “dysfunctional stone”. The life script limits their development and becomes a barrier to a happy, balanced and energized life.

For instance, Get a diploma, find a job, get married early, take care of your pension – the “fortunate stone” under the world is now voluntary slavery. Imposing such a life, the world generation ruins more than one happy person.

In order not to bend under a vile stone, but to choose your own and roll it into joy – you need to find and replace false ideas about yourself and the world – to regain freedom of choice.

Well-being formula

Sergey Kovalev, professor of psychology, psychotherapist, has developed a methodology for assessing human achieve well-being. i.e., A person is happy when he lives his own life – he rolls his stone.

Sergey Kovalev
Sergey Kovalev

“Can. Ask and receive whatever you need. But without any goldfish and other stupid technologies for fulfilling desires. And with the help of completely different really working methods (more precisely – methods). One of which – perhaps the most preferable and advanced – is called integral neuroprogramming (INP)..”

— Sergey Kovalev

He proposed a simple formula:

Well-being = Efficiency + Happiness

Human well-being is the sum of two terms “efficiency” and “happiness.”

You cannot talk about satisfaction with life and well-being, experiencing a deficit of at least one of two components. You can burn at work, be a leader in sports and a god in sex.

even if for all its effectiveness, life is devoid of love and is not focused on a global goal, then tactical successes on all fronts promise us neither joy, nor satisfaction, nor the fullness of a sense of life.

Therefore, we are happy when we are efficient and happy.

Let’s try to swap any of the components and get the correct equality:

  • Efficiency = Well-being + Happiness.

Well-being and being filled with happiness naturally fuel our effectiveness.

  • Happiness = Efficiency + Well-being.

We feel happy when we act effectively and all areas of our lives are happy. If we evaluate our effectiveness on the scale of perfection, and our happiness – on the scale of luck. Therefore, then the formula will take the form:

Well-being = Perfection + Lucky

Luck is the ability to achieve well-being as a goal with minimal effort in the shortest possible time, according to Kovalev.

Also, The level of perfection determines the quality of a person’s life scenario – his stone. And the level of luck – the adequacy of ideas about oneself, about people, about God.

Well-being formula
Well-being formula

Our life scenario consists of our ideas about ourselves and the world. However, they determine whether we will be rolled or we will be rolled.

Life rating to achieve well-being

The highest score for well-being on a ten-point scale: 10 perfections × 10 luck = 100%.

Based on your own standards, feelings and values, honestly answer yourself: at first how well are you? at last, Determine your place in the life satisfaction rating:

  1. Absolute Beneficiaries – Princes – 100%
  2. Complete beneficiaries – 90%
  3. Fragile (weak) beneficiaries – 80%
  4. Strong middle peasants (almost prosperous)  – 70%
  5. Full middle peasants (end-users) – 60%
  6. Weak middle peasants (caretakers) – 50%
  7. Few beneficiaries – 40%
  8. Unsuccessful – 30%
  9. Frogs – up to 20%

If we reduce this rating to three categories of people, we get winner, middle peasant and loser according to Eric Berne.

Surely, We can always live better, there is always room to grow – 100% today, 90% in a month. Assess yourself fairly – without going beyond expectations.

True achieve well-being

Kovalev’s Star method is one of the ways to find a way out of the impasse. Although, This is not a self-assembled tablecloth, not a path leading to religious dogmas, and not a sacred esoteric practice with elements of magic. Certainly, Here we have to work on ourselves. You already have all the necessary tools to achieve your goal.

As Kovalev states: “Our ideas about ourselves, others and the world are self-justifying prophecies and self-fulfilling predictions ”. Therefore, If you sincerely believe that everything is a mess, everyone is an asshole, and you are a loser, quickly change your ideas. What you see every day is in your life. as an illustration, Start paying attention to the new, and looking at the old in a new way.

If there is at least somewhere order in the world, then there is a mess, but not everywhere.

If your close friend is not an asshole, then for sure there are a couple of the same “non-assholes.” Look for the words “everything”, “never” and “nothing” in your thoughts and speeches .

the first thing to remember, replace them with “some”, “some”, “often”, “something”.Change the filter on your glasses through which you look at yourself and others.

Eventually, You need to pay attention all the time to adjust your priorities. Further, Realize that true well-being is, first of all, calmness, a feeling of joy and inspiration, creation, the meaningfulness of work.

Good luck in choosing your safe stone.