strongest feelings,self-development

6 Best Methods to Improve Your Self-Development Skills

Self-development: This suggests that it is time to engage in self-development. In fact, this is a cool idea worthy of a huge ovation.

We all want the same thing. Therefore, each of us is trying to achieve maximum comfort in life, in which we will experience the strongest feelings – love, happiness, craving for adventure, excitement, complacency.

The reason why self-development as an idea and as a practice exists in general. Basically, is that we do not feel the proper quality of life? Otherwise, there would be no need for us to develop.

There are many ways to start working on self-development. You can work on anything you don’t like about yourself, or enhance what you like.

strongest feelings,self-development

We all love different things, so this work is unique for everyone. But there is a list of universal methods that will help you grow as a person:

  1. Take time to think.
  2. Make learning a habit.
  3. Stop wasting your energy uselessly and rest.
  4. Know your desires.
  5. Take care of yourself physically.
  6. Prioritize.

If you don’t take the time to think of self-development. for instance about why you want to improve, how to improve, how to learn, where to find time to improve. Most importantly, how to get rid of excuses for why you haven’t started yet.

at this point, chances are you will never budge.

Take time to think

Take time to think,self-development
Take time to think

We are convinced that we know what is good and what is bad, what behaviour of people is correct, what is well-being, what is a success, what is happiness. At last, how to become happy.

To reflect is to delve into something with your thoughts to self-development. Actually, to really think it over and put a certain question before yourself. We live as if we already know the answers to all questions.

We all live according to certain principles, don’t we? Also, We are all in a constant search for the same thing – comfort. A state of mind when we will feel a stable feeling of happiness, craving for the unknown. In addition, excitement and love.

Don’t you find it interesting that most of the people who come across our path? Including ourselves, do not feel the satisfaction, to which everyone usually strives so? Have you ever wondered why this is so?

If we don’t take the time to really think about these questions to self-development. Lastly, then we will never get to them, but we should start doing it quickly.

As soon as we open our eyes in the morning, our mind and attention are already filled with the things that we must do throughout the day. Our day begins with the fact that we literally take on our obligations.

Taking the time to simply ask yourself where you are going and whether you will end up where you want to. Without doubt, is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

What is self-development worth without knowing where your desire to improve comes from, and how will this affect the quality of your life?

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Make learning a habit of self-development

Make learning a habit
Make learning a habit

It is necessary to gain good habits, for example, start learning something new every day.

Without being influenced by other ways of thinking, avoiding additional information and not having a different view of the world to self-development, the quality of our thoughts will not change.

If we do not find a way to transform our thoughts, then our entire existence will be limited by the framework that was originally set.

If we change nothing in our lives and it will be so until its end. In other words, then we can say that we have already died.

What does it mean to feel alive? A living person is attentive, active and involved .

When our attention always follows the same path. Till our actions in any situations are automatic and are not aimed at growth and development.

consequently, then we cannot consider ourselves active and involved.

Stop wasting energy and get some rest

Stop wasting energy and get some rest,personal development
Stop wasting energy and get some rest

If we are awake, what do we usually do from 10 pm to 2 am? I especially want to ask this question to every teenager.

It’s one thing when we spend time with friends or family and enjoy it. Surely. completely different when we watch TV or wander on the Internet.

We often suffer from a lack of time, but have we ever really wondered how much we spend on completely useless and meaningless things? Time the day at least once to gauge the usefulness of your daily activities to self-development.

Agree that if we stopped wasting our nights so uselessly, then we could have a good rest, and then wake up with full readiness to create our day according to our own rules, and not lament because of the lack of time for ourselves.

We all have certain obligations, and we all have some desires.

Stop wasting time and take control of it so that your responsibilities don’t take away all the precious time you could spend pursuing your desires.

Know your desires to self-development

Know your desires,personal development
Know your desires

Why are you doing certain things? What drives you when you make certain decisions day after day?

Why do you want one thing now, and after a while – completely different?

Let’s say why you now have a powerful motivation to be strong, play sports, adhere to proper nutrition, but after 5 minutes you find yourself an excuse not to do this?

And this question was raised not only for girls, who, in principle, tend to often change their desires, but it is relevant for absolutely everyone.

We are all convinced that we perfectly know ourselves, that is, we understand who we are and for what reason we do certain things. However, do not forget that you need to be able to treat yourself objectively and how to look at yourself from the outside for your personal development

Learn to notice the inconsistency of your desires. The most effective way to get at least a little closer to the possibility of personal growth is to become the master of your inner contradictions.

Take care of yourself physically

Take care of yourself physically
Take care of yourself physically

Physical ability is indisputably very important in order to feel happy, to experience a better quality of life.

When we feel bad or hurt, we cannot help but get upset about it, feel sorry for ourselves and not justify our idleness by this.

To get rid of this problem, your physical condition must be at such a level that you do not even think about it. You do this by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting adequate sleep.

Without proper oil, water, fuel and systematic maintenance, the car cannot drive normally. Its parts begin to fail one by one until the car collapses entirely.

It also happens with our body. Take care of your body. Give him the opportunity to act in your best interest, not the other way around.



Instead of trying to rearrange everything at once, focus on a few things first. Sometimes, it’s even better to focus on just one area at first.

Focus on a few things, but not all at once.

Let’s take a look at some simple examples:

  • First, you dive deep into the question of your personal life. Example – finally approach the girl you have long wanted to meet.
  • And once you have this under control, you move on to your health. Exercise in the morning, go to the gym, buy healthy food, finally make an appointment with a doctor, etc.
  • Next, you work on your productivity (get up early in the morning, do not get distracted from the task at hand during the day).

Thus, you will not be overwhelmed, and you will have the opportunity to devote all your resources to successfully change one of the areas of your life.

If you succeed in changing one area of ​​your life, then you will have the confidence you need to change other areas as well.

Determine your focus to start self-development

If you try to tackle everything at once, it will only lead to a lack of time, focus and energy, dramatically reducing your chances of success. Once your initial enthusiasm has passed, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Therefore, choose from one to three areas and focus only on them. Only then can you move on to improving other areas of your life.

Choose a few selves-development books or courses that will help you improve your performance in your chosen field. Glean from this the knowledge and immediately start taking large-scale measures and realizing your desires.

Many people in our world are “addicts” of knowledge, they only like to collect more knowledge, but then do not take proper action, which creates a false sense of personal development.

Now you know where to start self-development and how to prioritize in cultivation. Do not forget these 6 simple rules that will help you achieve success in your self-development.