List of spiritual and moral values
List of spiritual and moral values

Spiritual values. List of spiritual and moral values

List of spiritual and moral values

All major spiritual paths preach the values ​​of truth, righteousness, peace, love, and non-violence. These values ​​are universal, they are the foundation for personal life, career, the roots of its vitality, normal development.

The modern world is characterized by the dominance of science, and specialists feel difficulties with the subject of spirituality. This is understandable, since facts and science are respected, and what it cannot explain is rejected.

But is there really a gap between the fact that a person is able to think logically and at the same time possesses spiritual values, convictions, faith, and trust? Not at all. They are all necessary for a harmonious whole.

Spiritual and moral values ​​provide a context for our life. They are not necessarily associated with a particular belief system or religious cult. Instead, they arise from our connection with ourselves, with other people, and the development of our personal value system. This is our search for the meaning of life.

Spirituality is an activity that constantly takes place within a person.

Spiritually hungry man
Spiritually hungry man

A spiritually hungry person cannot feel balance in his life. He makes bad decisions. Such a person feels lost and alone. It is extremely difficult for him to formulate the goal of his life, the direction of development, ways to achieve the goal.

In addition, in search of your path, you need to feel peace, not an internal conflict. Spirituality is the true essence of man.

To appreciate your spiritual ideals, you need to ask yourself certain questions.

Questions that reveal spiritual values

Are you able to stop trying to control the outcome?

Relaxation. Are you able to stop trying to control the outcome?
Relaxation. Are you able to stop trying to control the outcome?

In general, people have little control – from the place, the time of birth, to the time when life ends.

It is worth being in the present moment, accepting it for what it really is. Do not try to imagine “what it could be if you did something different in the past.

Reassure yourself that no matter what happens, everything will be as it should be. You can feel how a huge load will fall from your shoulders. Not instantly, but until such an attitude becomes part of your permanent worldview.

Do you think there is something more than us?

There are many extraordinary things in the world that cannot be controlled. Examples: the birth of children, the instinctive behavior of migratory birds, moths, the renewal cycles of wildlife on Earth.

Each person is a unique miracle.

When people open their eyes to all their talents and abilities, they begin to understand how they can be used for the benefit of other beings. Then the necessary flexibility appears, allowing you to be an integral part of something larger and extraordinary.

Are you filled with a sense of oneness with everything?

The atom of love.  Are you filled with a sense of oneness with everything?

Whatever people think about the existence of a higher power, recognize it or deny it, without a doubt, they want to feel a connection with it. This power can be understood as the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Divine, or God.

It helps to feel that people are not alone in life, regardless of what is happening in it.

If you are grateful every day and learn to express your gratitude to this all-unity, a greater sense of connection, love will be available to a person.

What spiritual qualities do you admire in other people?

What spiritual qualities do you admire in other people?

People feel the need for other people. One of the most important steps in a person’s spiritual development assumes that he must learn to communicate with other people on a deep level. These changes make life meaningful.

Compassion, gratitude, and generosity are universal values ​​that serve the highest good.

When a person devotes his life to serving others, he clearly sees the purpose. Because the energy is directed to really important things and not wasted on irrelevant.

Fundamental spiritual values

Fundamental spiritual values
Fundamental spiritual values

The experience of collective action shows that five human values ​​are at the heart of society. Normal, correct, healthy, and viable organization of society, which brings together active, healthy, and viable people.

Examples of universal human spiritual values:

  1. Truth helps build trust and honest communication.
  2. Righteousness helps you to act at a higher level and achieve high-quality work.
  3. The world fosters creative and wise decisions.
  4. Love promotes selfless service that is based on concern for the welfare and happiness of others.
  5. Nonviolence helps to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

It usually calls these values not spiritual, but human. The concept of “spiritual values” implies that they are the ideal to strive for and which, as people hope, will be achieved.

Most people perceive human nature as far from perfect, limited, but not as spiritual. This is not correct, because people are intelligent beings, and to be human means to be spiritual.

What is love?
It does not teach love at school. We embed love in us.

Three principles are worth emphasizing:

  1. These values ​​do not need to be learned; rather, they should be disclosed.
  2. These spiritual values ​​represent all people.
  3. We can understand these spiritual and moral values from three points of view:
    • It bases its essence on the principle that it contains divinity in all creation.
    • Their cross-cultural expressions are found in all societies, although they can change.
    • Each person is expressed individually, in attitudes and motives that underlie the behavior and personality of a person.

We embed the spiritual essence of human values in ourselves. And intercultural and individual value manifestations are assimilated, developed, and practiced throughout our life in the environment where we live. When examining the manifestations of these values, we can see them in everyday life.

According to researchers, all these values ​​represent an integrated, indivisible whole, one of them cannot exist separately. Besides a person who embodies values ​​in their activities, they give tremendous strength.

How are these values ​​expressed in work?

How are these values ​​expressed in work?
SpecialistThe specialist will honestly talk about his mistakes, regardless of the possible reprimand.
PriestThe priest will perform his duties efficiently, even if he is not being watched.
LeaderThe manager will look for ways to deliver goods that will not bring unnecessary costs to customers.
SellerThe seller will actively serve people and not hide behind bureaucratic rules.
ManagerThe manager will try to preserve the natural environment and protect it from waste pollution.

How to translate spiritual values ​​into practice?

How to translate spiritual values ​​into practice?
How to translate spiritual values ​​into practice?
  1. Truthfulness
    Speak honestly and openly with colleagues and clients.
  2. Righteousness
    Adhere to all agreements reached.
  3. Inner world
    Be calm and calm even in crisis situations, whether you have made a profit or suffered from a loss, criticized or praised you.
  4. Love
    Be generous to the words of others, show compassion.
  5. Nonviolence
    Find a solution to the problem that turns out to be a win-win, do not try to achieve success at someone else’s expense.

Keeping your heart open to accepting and loving yourself and others are the key to maintaining a constant spiritual connection. When we are too busy with ourselves to think about the purpose of our existence, our life ceases to make sense.

Only when we fully accept the reality of our mortality, do we begin to live. At this point, we begin to learn about the spiritual dimension, which is so important in determining what really matters in life.

Each person should explore what these spiritual values ​​mean to him personally and how he expresses them in his work.