What is lifestyle
What is lifestyle

What is a lifestyle and what can it be?

What is a lifestyle and how can it help you achieve your goals faster, come to well-being and find harmony with yourself?

If a person is thinking about how to lead a correct lifestyle, it means it does not satisfy him with something in the current state of affairs. To understand whether it needs changes, it is enough to ask yourself a question: – does my lifestyle make me happy, helps me develop? If the answer is “no”, but it’s time for a change, and simple recommendations will help.

What is a lifestyle?

A lifestyle is a set of habits, actions, implemented in a specific order or schedule. You express it in the features of behaviour, thinking, decision-making. It determines the daily routine, cultural and social preferences. This is a plan that repeats itself cyclically.

LIFESTYLE is a sociological and psychological category that expresses a certain type of people’s behaviour, including the motives and forms of actions of an individual, family, and other social groups. Allows you to focus on the subjective side of human activity.

What is the right lifestyle?

Having figured out what a lifestyle is, you can understand whether it is right. Why can you hear about certain people they live wrong? Most often this means they violate accepted norms – social, moral, legislative.

If you think more broadly, then the correct way of life is aimed at personal, spiritual, social growth. But the wrong one leads to degradation. Much depends on national and cultural characteristics. For example, in Asian countries, the cult of the family is more developed, while in European countries, up to a certain age, career is in the first place. Tradition and upbringing greatly influence behaviour and life priorities.

But “correct” does not mean normalized and not accepted. Often this definition includes what makes a person happy, helps him achieve goals, and gives him motivation.

What is a person’s lifestyle?

1. Healthy.


  • No bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Regular sports activities.
  • Proper nutrition.

There are solid pluses. By adhering to this behaviour, you can improve your health, always look young, and achieve longevity. Motivation is important, the ability to resist temptations. It is also necessary to maintain a balance between work and rest.

2. Secular.


  • Active attendance at social events, their subject depends solely on interests.
  • Flaunting your life, for example, on social media.
  • Commitment to branded clothes, scrupulousness in matters of style, choosing friends, tracking trends.

Leading a secular lifestyle does not always mean belonging to the elite strata of society. In a more simplified version, it means being fashionable, “hanging out,” changing along with trends in society. For people with such a vital activity, there are many new acquaintances, it is easier for them to make connections, including business ones.

Disadvantages include the desire for everything to find a price or to hang labels. But it also helps to make friends, be open, and have fun.

3. Bachelor.


  • Reluctance to get married or have a long-term relationship.
  • Mobility.
  • The chief value of the boundaries of personal space.

Some people build freedom into a cult, others run away from relationships because of complexes or fears. But if you attribute the word “bachelor” to a way of life, then it is not limited solely to freedom from relationships. We are talking about the freedom to decide when a person operates only with his own opinion, life experience.

4. Family.


  • Caring for family members, regardless of who they are – brothers, sisters, parents, children, spouses.
  • The desire to be in a group of people, to seek their support, to feel unity.
  • Ability to make compromises, take into account the opinions of different people.

The family way of life assumes that marriage, the creation of a social unit, is the major goal. This determines the leisure, which is often spent in places where all family members will like. Even in earning money, the motivation is to build the foundation for the future well-being of the family.

How to change your lifestyle?

The major rules of life and happiness are – live the way you want. Based on this postulate, build a way of life.

  1. Set sustainable goals. You need to set goals for yourself that do not intentionally harm you or other people. For example, the company has opened a new position for which 10 employees apply. It is clear that there will be one winner, he will receive a new office, a raise in salary, but it is better to achieve the position honestly, showing professionalism, and not denigrating or substituting colleagues, making deals with his own conscience.
  2. Change your image without changing your life. If a person becomes a vegetarian, this does not mean that now he needs to stop communicating with meat-eater friends or give up family dinners with baked chicken. You just need to notify loved ones that your diet has changed, there will be a compromise.
  3. Be flexible. You can adjust any lifestyle. If at some point a bachelor wants to start a family, he can do it. Just like a family man, he may want a little personal freedom. For this, it is unnecessary to get a divorce.
  4. Act now. Some decisions require immediate implementation. If a person is going to lose weight, he should immediately set aside cake and cutlets, and not convince himself that it is better to start the diet on Monday. If some changes are brewing for a long time, their time has come. And it has come right now!
  5. Find the “window”. A person’s lifestyle covers all its spheres. The change should affect none of them. For example, if a person goes to the gym, he cannot do it instead of dating with a loved one or instead of a morning meeting at work. You need to think about where there is a “window” in the schedule or how to make it painlessly for other areas.


If a person changes his lifestyle, it must do this in such a way that the changes are tangible, but do not cause discomfort. For example, a recluse who suddenly wants to live a secular life can quickly become disillusioned with it because of the lack of experience of communicating with a large stream of people.

A person who decides to lead an active lifestyle should not immediately climb Everest, it is better to start with a trip to the nearest forest or rock climbing classes. You also need to remember that any change begins with an internal decision.