Greatest loser trainer erica Lugo slams talk about her free skin

erica Lugo lost 150 lbs. furthermore, had thyroid disease, which, she says, makes it “harder for me to lose and tone”

Erica Lugo is pleased with her body — free skin, cellulite whatnot.

The Greatest Washout mentor is only 33 years of age, however, has just experienced a lifetime of wellbeing high points and low points. She weighed 322 lbs. after the introduction of her child yet then lost more in excess of 150 lbs.

Also, a year ago, subsequent to getting harmed in an auto collision, she was determined to have stage 2 thyroid disease, which prompted medical procedure and radiation therapies.

The entirety of that left Lugo with “free skin, stretch imprints [and] wiggly parts,” yet she chose for the current week, while on an excursion in North Carolina, to wear a two-piece.

“I’ve spent such a large number of years never wearing swimsuits since I believed I shouldn’t,” she said on Instagram Monday. “Since I don’t have a fit figure like every one of these ladies I appear to look through … Yet ya know what?

This body lost 150 lbs. This body made life. This body beat the disease. This body is working through an auto resistant confusion.

This body is commendable regardless of social norms and my own negative self-visit and it felt great to slip on a two-piece without precedent for years and genuinely be Agreeable.”

Be that as it may, while Lugo gladly wore her swimsuits consistently (and shared photographs on Instagram), she began getting unforgiving analysis about everything from an absence of abs to free skin — and alternately, for concealing her free skin.

“This previous week I have perused more remarks towards myself and another lady about our bodies and our certainty and worth based off how we decided to show our certainty and OUR bodies,” she said Wednesday.

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